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La Bayadere

A spectacular ballet with all the exoticism of an idealised India starring Carlos Acosta who we have already seen at L’OperaDou in “Spartacus” and “Romeo and Juliet”

Marius Petipa’s exotic ballet, set in legendary India, is a story of love, death and vengeful judgement. Natalia Makarova’s sumptuous recreation of Petipa’s choreography, with atmospheric sets by Pier Luigi Samaritini and beautiful costumes by Yolanda Sonnabend, stars Tamara Rojo as the Bayadère (temple dancer) Nikiya, Carlos Acosta as Solor, and Marianela Nuñez as Gamzatti whose alluring presence challenges Solor’s love for Nikiya. 

Synopsis in English here

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Comments from Jury members:

A wide range of emotions were expressed in this ballet. The technique was an example of perfect grace. The more classical dancing showed this a little less, but as a whole it was a captivating experience.

This was perfection. A real feast for the eyes!

I felt the development of the story was a little patchy at times and the costumes were not sufficiently “oriental”. I also felt that the role didn’t do Carlos justice. Overall, a bit too classic for me I prefer more modern dance with more experimentation, etc. Perhaps they should have pushed the boundaries of innovation a little further…

Classical choreography of course, and without any surprises. Superb costumes. Perfect interpretation, magnificent dancers. Altogether a beautiful show.

I wasn’t so keen on the oriental dancing in the second part, but did like the costumes and the whole Oriental atmosphere.

A superb show, very moving. The dancers were so graceful, so supple. The music was exceptional, particularly the violin solo.

I enjoyed it hugely!

Excellent choreography, colour and movement. Wonderful costumes. Very good orchestral soloists (particularly the violinist). Wonderfully graceful dancing from Tamara Roja.



Jury ratings:
Production, staging, lighting:

Singing / performance: A-

HDVD production: A


Overall ranking: A-

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