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Twin Spirits



Twin Spirits is a uniquely intimate, live theatrical performance by an ensemble of actors, singers and musicians, portraying the deep and ultimately tragic love between composer Robert Schumann and his pianist wife Clara Wieck. Robert’s letters to Clara are read by Sting, Clara’s letters to Robert by Trudie Styler. They are matched with  beautifully interpreted songs and compositions by both composers. Conceived and directed by John Caird, Twin Spirits was first performed in June 2005 at the ROH, Covent Garden, London.


This is a whole new art form experienced in HD with such stunning realism that you’ll want to see it again and again…


Comments from Jury members:

The production makes this l legendary couple credible—brings them into a tangible dimension, while at the same time making them into an archetype without making them into a conventional cliché... 

Excellent editing, really brings their work—and their lives—to life”

“Didn’t like the editing at all. Far too many close-ups and not enough general shots.”

“This production tells a love story that could only exist through music.”

“This really shows what it means to be together “for better and for worse, in sickness and in health…”

“A really unique production that breaks new ground in terms of concept. You can’t fail to be swept up in it. Altogether a very emotional experience.”

“I much preferred Simon Keenlyside in this production to his “bare chested” Don Giovanni”.


Jury ratings:
Production, staging, lighting: A-

Singing / performance: A

HDVD production: A-


Overall ranking: A



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