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NB: This Jury included at least 12 frequent ballet-goers.

83% of them found this experience better than or comparable to a live performance.

27 / 11 / 2010


G.W. Gluck








This outstanding production by the Paris Opera Ballet combines Gluck’s opera based on this timeless story with the superb choreography of Pina Bausch. The result is an enthralling ballet-opera in which dancers are shadowed by singers, creating a whole new form of artistic expression.


HDVD Arts review:

The starting point is a German language version of the opera, which Gluck wrote in 1762 (in Italian). The three main characters, Orpheus, Eurydike, and Amor, are sung on stage by opera singers and are also danced by leading members of the Paris Opera Ballet. The rest of the on-stage cast are ballet dancers. This unusual array of forces works well---it's a ballet show, but ballet and opera make roughly equal contributions to the overall effect.

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OperaDou says:


Despite the rather unusual format of this “opera/ballet”, several of our experienced opera and ballet enthusiasts really appreciated this production. Those with less experience what at first a little perplexed, but many of them in the end also very much enjoyed the show.


Jury comments:

I adored the staging and how well it went with music. The choice of costumes, and light were perfect and Orpheus in particular showed a great deal of emotion.

I did wonder what the opera would be like without the ballet — Sometimes wondered if the opera was just too much in the background, as an accompaniment to the Dance. Certainly a ballet/opera rather than an opera/ballet.

I really did enjoy this show very much indeed.

Beautiful music, good voices and orchestra. Splendid ballet. So pure, light, bright. I liked it very much indeed.

Of the several versions available this is, vocally, the least satisfying — well sung but too much of Gluck has been cut. This is Bausch’s show, but she does seem to lose sight of the story and emotion often. The dancing is sometimes beautiful, especially in the ensemble work — solos and duos often are redundant and over long.

The choreography was magnificent! Pina Bausch has a real talent for choreographing groups and the interaction between members of small ensembles. The bringing together of singers and dancers at the end was very moving. This was a wonderful production.

I particularly admired the male dancers and the set, however I found the lighting to contrast it and too many dark areas.

I loved the ballet. The etoile dancers and all the others. Superb. Perfect bodies in a perfect setting.

I loved the formation dancing, but finally found everything a bit monotonous. The girls were beautiful. I did not like the male lead dancer very much. The singers were great and the orchestra splendid. The dancing was very good, but endlessly repetitive.

Everything was magical and I adored it all. A show of the very highest quality.

Pina Bausch’s scenography is incredible. Everything is presented like a very powerful graphic image with the space given to the characters and dancers perfectly judged. The musical interpretation of Orpheus is particularly good and the sound of the orchestra very well-balanced (in musical terms and from a technical viewpoint in the audio quality). All the dancers adapted magnificently to the choreographer’s style and displayed an incredible fluidity of movement, particularly in the ensembles which held me quite transfixed.

Having never seen this opera before, I can’t compare it with other performances. But I do get the feeling that this one has been adapted quite substantially to include the ballet. I finally understood the idea, but it took a little while. I thought the dancers performance superior to the singers, but the overall effect was very striking. I feel that the dramatic and musical climate which should be a wonderful moment is lost because the opera as such is swamped by the dancing. We hardly ever saw anything of the contralto.

The music and singing were magnificent, as were the choreography and the staging. I found the third tableau slightly less interesting in terms of the dancing. Image and sound quality absolutely outstanding.

I very much enjoyed the choreography, the interpretation and the costumes as well as the musical aspects of this production. I felt that the ballet definitely enhanced the opera.


Jury ratings:
Production, staging, lighting: A-

Singing / performance: A-

HDVD production: A-

Overall ranking: A-