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Music by Chopin

Lady of the Camelias




This ballet was based on the Alexandre Dumas novel that also inspired La Traviata. A dance drama created by John Neumeier to music by Chopin, the production tells the story of the  famous Lady of the Camelias.

The passionate tale unfolds ingeniously through a drama-within-a-drama (another one!), retracing their romantic adventures in Paris, and is brought to life by Neumeier’s intense and refined choreographic language.

Chopin’s ravishing music heightens the emotion of this exceptional neo-classical ballet, which is all about love, passion, danger and glorious dancing by the stars of the Opéra de Paris, one of the finest companies in the world.

Another one worth several repeat performances!  


Comments from Jury members:

A classy production, wonderful costumes and  beautiful women. The leading man was more at ease with the Margeuritte than her alto ego.

Everything was perfect. The three stars danced in perfect harmony!

Original, luminous, airy,  A little long. Well interpreted and beautiful dancers.

Remarkable, superb ballet with admirable music.

Just magnificent! All I have to do now is go out and add it to my video collection.

Amazing! The dancers live their characters to such perfection that the technique of dancing is sublimated. The use of the mirror greatly enhanced the staging. Chopin’s music goes very well with this story and the music sublimates the dance. Superb!

An enchanting show—A delight! Captions might have been useful to remind those who have forgotten the storyline.

Emotion, excellence, the magic of colours in the Paris Opera corps de ballet once again proved them to be the top in their class.

Good. The male lead lacked passion at times.

Image a little static. It is difficult to fillm a live production but I feel the video production could have been a little more creative.


Jury ratings:
Production, staging, lighting: A-

Dancing / performance: A

HDVD production: A-


Overall ranking: A-