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Quotes from the Jury:

Superb performance. I really felt I was in this historic theatre as I listened to an opera I will probably never hear again. Seeing the stage machinery was fascinating. This Blu-Ray is a real gem! 

« J’ai bien apprécié le documentaire qui développe les à-côtés et nous fait pénétrer au cœur de la mise en scène. L’histoire du lieu rajoute au plaisir de la découverte. Décor splendide. Magnifique équipe, filmée de prés, sentiments très bien traduit, sensation de vivre la légèreté apparente du baroque grâce à la qualité de jeu plaisant des interprètes. BRAVO! »

Charming opera. Lovely voices. What a treat to watch the stage manager in costume manipulating the ancient machines as if conducting an orchestra. We were all so enthusiastic about the entire Baroque experience that we applauded… Just like being there! A wonderfully satisfying evening.

« Le retour en 1768 est fort intéressant. La scéne, les décors, la mécanique… Mais en fait j’ai davantage apprécié le documentaire que nous avons vu avant l’œuvre elle-même » 

Excellent from every point of view. This experience is better than a live performance because you see what goes on behind the scenes. What’s more the singers’ vocal qualities were very fine and their gestures made it all look like a painting ! And there was some delightful humour. I will recommend this disc to all my best friends.

« Le principe du décor avec des panneaux amovibles est fantastique. Les chanteurs ont des voix fabuleux, en particulier le valet. C’est une comédie amusante sur une musique plaisante et enjouée. »  

“Apart from the historical aspects of stagecraft —which were amazing — the direction for comedy was superb! Clever use of movement, voice changes, facial expression and connection with the audience played well to bring out the humour in every situation. The voices were great. A thoroughly happy production !”

« Succulent ! A promouvoir ! »



Jury ratings:
Production, staging, lighting: A+

Singing / performance: A+

HDVD production: A


Overall ranking: A+

Survey results


Jury members are also asked whether they want to see the production again, would buy or recommend the disc and how they feel it compares with “being there”.


"Would you like to see this production again, on TV or in  the cinema?"
100% answered "Certainly" or "Probably"

"Will you add this DVD/Blu-Ray to your own collection?"
55% answered "Certainly" or "Probably"

Will you recommend this DVD/Blu-Ray to your family and friends?"
82% answered "Certainly" or "Probably"


And finally...

"How does this HD experience compare with attending a live performance?"
90 % answered "Significantly better, rather better or comparable.






The OperaDou Jury


The OperaDou Jury studiously deliberating








Dove è amore è gelosia



A historical reconstruction of an opera performance in The Baroque Theatre at Český Krumlov Castle


A wonderful opportunity to see a performance of a baroque opera in a perfectly preserved baroque theatre - just as if you were there ! All the musicians in the orchestra are in period costume — and the entire show is lit by candlelight, creating a magical atmosphere.


An unusually large proportion of the Jury said they had a real feeling of “being there”, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable.


The opera is Scarlatti’s Dove è amore è gelosia — Where there is love there is jealousy. 

It was commissioned to be performed in this Castle theatre for the celebrations of the wedding of the prince's son, Johann Nepomuk zu Schwarzenberg on July 24, 1768.


The disc also features a fascinating  documentary, giving the background to the castle, the theatre and the opera being performed.


Watch the video to find out more and read all about it here.


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The 50th production to be reviewed

by the L’OperaDou Jury !!!!